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Micro-interactions - Designing the Details

Submitted by Praneet Koppula (@praneetk) on Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Section: Full talk Technical level: Beginner

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As professionals working on digital products, all of us aspire to build great products that address a great need and delight the users. Even if our products solve the need or the big picture; unless the details are also handled properly; the solution fails. The details control the moment-to-moment experience. The details if done right, take your product from being just good enough to great.

This talk will help you identify opportunities to look for these details, provide a framework to design them and finally tips on how to test and get them right.


"The details are details. They make the product. The connections, the connections, the connections. It will in the end be these details that give the product its life."
-Charles Eames

This talk introduces audience to start thinking about the micro-level details and interactions in digital products. These micro-level details are everywhere. The difference between a product we love(eg: cleartrip) and a product we just tolerate(eg: IRCTC) are often the micro level details that designers and developers have carefully thought about and baked into their products.

This talk presents a framework and guidelines first evangalized by Dan Saffer on how to

  • identify opportunities for designing the delighful details in your products
  • use the framework of Triggers-Rules-Feedback-Loops&Modes to design the details
  • finally how to test these details with your users to make sure you are building the right interactions

Who should attend:

Anyone who is passionate about building delightful digital products

Speaker bio

Praneet is a daily Design Thinker, weekend Cook and an occasional photographer. After an engineering degree, he has dabbled in the design world researching technology products for the under-served, designed interfaces and services. He has worked at both large organisations and startups, evangelising UX and setting up UX teams. He currently heads the UX and the Product team at Bang The Table. Perviously, he spearheaded design at AlmaConnect and Established UX team and processes at Grameenphone, Dhaka.



  •   Pooja Saxena (@anexasajoop) 6 years ago

    Hi Praneet, thanks for your proposal! Could you tell us a bit more about how you hope to explain the importance of details to the audience—examples, demos of improvements, show your own work, etc.?

  •   Praneet Koppula (@praneetk) Proposer 6 years ago

    Hey Pooja,
    I will be sharing best practices on designing micro interactions based on research(psychology and also user research that I have conducted over the years). The talk will majorly use examples from various services and onine products to drive the importance of microinteractions.

    •   Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Reviewer 6 years ago

      Finally a design talk that lays out a reproducible process instead of merely preaching. +1 from me.

  •   Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 6 years ago

    You can edit your talk title to “Micro-interactions - Designing the Details”

  •   Dhaval Trivedi (@dytrivedi) 6 years ago


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