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Introducing modern workflow tools Grunt and Yeoman.

Submitted by Manas Jayanth (@prometheansacrifice) on Jan 4, 2014

Section: Workshops Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


This workshop introduces the audience to workflow automation using Grunt and Yeoman. The workshop starts from the basics to advanced topics like writing custom Grunt plugins.

Frontend Development involves a lot of tasks like linting, minification, concatenation, unit testing etc. and are run repeatedly during the development process. Since running them command by command is tedious, developers have resort to scripting to automate them. This again can require maintainance and can be a major distraction to the development of the main project. As the number of tools increase, automating scripts grow in complexity.

Modern workflow tool-chains like Grunt and Yeoman save the developer all this trouble by providing a easily configurable, readily available tasks that let Developers focus on the development and do the mundane repetitive tasks for them.


The workshop aims at introducing modern workflow tools Grunt and Yeoman.


Grunt make task automation much simpler to configure and manage unlike older buid tools like ant, make etc. For a good start, the following will be covered on Grunt.

  • Task automation and how Grunt is better
  • Creating the first Grunt automated project
  • A discussion on widely used tasks like unit testing, minification, linting, etc.
  • Integrating Git Hooks using grunt
  • The Grunt workflow
  • Creating a custom Grunt plugin


Yeoman takes Grunt and makes the workflow even easier by integrating package management and project scaffolding into the workflow - all in one place. Following will be covered to serve as a detailed introduction to Yeoman.

  • Introducing Yeoman
  • Project Scaffolding with yo
  • Package Managers and Bower
  • Grunt to automate distribution tasks


  1. Pre-qreuisite knowledge: Javascript and familiarity with common distribution tasks
  2. Software: Node.js with Node Package Manager

Speaker bio

Manas Jayanth is a Javascript Developer who works part-time as a Data Artist Intern at Pykih. At Pykih, he primarily builds data visualisations in libraries like d3.js. Manas was critical in implementing Grunt and maintainable javascript at Pykih PykStandards:JS. A firm believer in open source, Manas, contributes to PykCharts, Pykih's re-usable D3 charts, participates in activities organised by the Free Software Movement Karnataka and has contributed to Mozilla's PDFJS. He tries to share his knowledge on his blog and can be found on github and @twitter



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