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Building and Testing Components on Ember.js

Submitted by Kaushik Bhat (@kaushikb) on Sunday, 12 January 2014

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate


Introducing Web Components and building applications using Ember Components. There will be quick introductions on how to build SPAs using Ember.js and use d3.js for visualisation. There will also be a demo on how to unit test FrotEnd Applications and how to achieve that in Ember


Web Components are a collection of standards which are working their way through the W3C and landing in browsers as we speak. They allow us to bundle markup and styles into custom HTML elements.
Ember.js is a Javascript MVC framework for creating ambitious Web Applications. Ember Components allows you to build reusable application-specific HTML tags, then implement their behavior using JavaScript.

  1. What are Web Components? How different Javascript MVC frameworks implement this?
  2. Components vs Views.
  3. A Basic Ember Component.
  4. Building a sample Chat Application using Ember Components
  5. Visualisation charts as components using Ember with D3.js
  6. Unit Testing Ember Applications


Some experience with any Client Side MVC frameworks

Speaker bio

I've been designing & developing web applications for the last 3 years. I am a Web Engineer at Artoo, where I work extensively Node.js and Ember.js.
Earlier I have built many applications using jQuery, Backbone and d3



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