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Why Open-Source

User Experience @ Mobile Apps

Submitted by Naga Chokkanathan (@nchokkan) on Dec 11, 2012

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Understanding on Why UX is more important in Mobile Space, when compared to traditional design / development


This session will focus on why UX is more important in mobile space than desktop software, and best practices for making sure that your application provides a compelling user experience.


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Speaker bio

Senior Manager with several years experience of CRM, ERP and Portal projects in a variety of challenging, multi-cultural environments

Co-founder of CRMIT and Director of its Presales and Innovation.

Prior to CRMIT, worked in various consulting positions for Baan Info Systems and BroadVision.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Prodcution Engineering, and my specialized experience comes in implementation of Products from BroadVision, Oracle, Android & many other Open Source products.

I love books and am a non-stop reader. I have written articles and books in Tamil & English, Some of them translated to Hindi, Gujarati, Oriya and Malyalam. I blog at (English) and (Tamil)

Specialties Training, Innovation, UX, CX, Creativity @ Work




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