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How to become a respected, highly paid awesome Freelancer or Consultant

Submitted by Brajeshwar Oinam (@brajeshwar) on Dec 20, 2012

Section: Process Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


To inculcate a sense of "I can do" attitude to developers and designers and learn to command respect from client and be a well paid awesome freelancer or consultant.


All developers and designers, even if they work at a company on a 9-5 job, do some sort of freelancing or consulting on the side. I've come across lots of good developers, designers and even some beginners asking how to stand out of the crowd and be an awesome freelancer or consultant.

I'll try to give tips, tricks on how to be one of those awesome freelancer or consultant, that commands the respect of the clients and get well paid by premium clients.

The talk will also include:

  • How to set a good price for your work.
  • How to get good paying clients.
  • How to stay relevant and be found by new clients.

Speaker bio

I believes in simplicity and can push the envelop, envisions the betterment of usable and practical solutions.

My freelancing/consulting career spans over 10 years and in the course of that, I've learnt a lot - from mistakes to gotchas. I want to summarize and help budding and even accomplished developers and designers on the ways to make them stand out of the crowd and do better at what they love to do, and in return be paid well for their job.



  • Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago)

    I would also like that if you talk about how to stop yourself to take every type of work to just to make money buy either trying to learn new himself every-time or outsource to someone else and earn commission. I personally freelancing should be taken as freelancing only not outsourcing to others. Many people I have seen do this mistake.

    part-time/full time freelancing is OK if we do himself and take only that work which we really enjoy and don’t overwork to just to make more money.

    I think you are going to cover this in topic #3

    • Brajeshwar Oinam (@brajeshwar) Proposer 7 years ago

      Yes, I’ll try to cover how to work good enough that you’re well paid that you don’t have to take each and every project that comes along your way. A way to say “NO”.

      Of course, one should work with others but you should test, know the other person well enough to be able to work and do quality work. Mean a list of good people you can work with.

      Having said that, one should not be afraid to experiment and expand.

  • Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 7 years ago

    It’s an interesting topic but not directly related to front-end Development and UX which is subject of Meta Refresh.

    • Brajeshwar Oinam (@brajeshwar) Proposer 7 years ago

      Well, here is what I think. Every font-end developer and UX people will benefit from learning how to be better at what they love to do. There are lots of awesome speakers who will be talking about technology and tactics of UI/UX and front-end, so why not talk about something that people want to benefit from and apply to their professional life.

      • Jitendra Vyas (@jitendravyas) 7 years ago

        Yes as i wrote “It’s an interesting topic” and I have upvoted for it. Would like to attend this.

        • Brajeshwar Oinam (@brajeshwar) Proposer 7 years ago

          You rock.

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