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Front-end development in 2013

Submitted by Dhaval Trivedi (@dytrivedi) on Dec 22, 2012

Section: Tooling Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


So you survived the apocalypse! What next?

Let's see what's latest, what's a must and how to stay sharp in your front-end development skills. 'Web page' oriented front-end development is way past us and front-end development for 'Web Applications' requires a much better baseline, and a cutting edge stack.

So, let there be light!


Inspired by @rmurphey's A baseline for Front-end Devs and @addyosmani/@paulirish's, we're going to focus on latest 'must have' skills and cutting edge stack. This includes but not limited to -

  • Beyond jQueries - JavaScript!
  • Scalable JS Application Architecture (which, for us mere mortals, is the biggest pain!) - Modularity, YUI
  • Advanced Browser Dev Tools
  • Advanced Command Line (dotfiles, aliases, sexy bash shell, Vim, server side editing, etc.) (Windows people don't disappoint! Chocolatey, Console2, etc.)
  • Scalable, Maintainable, Testable JavaScript.
  • Bower/Grunt/Yeoman (YYYEEEAAAHHHHHH!)


Speaker bio

Dhaval is a JavaScript fanatic. And he hacks at Yahoo! on mobile/JS stuff.


  • viduthalai (@viduthalai1947) 7 years ago

    Great…!!!, waiting :)

  • Logesh Paul (@logeshpaul) 7 years ago

    Awesome topics, Now this one I want to attend!

  • jaydev gajera (@jaydev) 7 years ago

    I must be there… :)

  • Sunit Singh (@surdattack) 7 years ago

    Dhaval, these topics seem more apt for JSfoo don’t they?

    • Praveen Kumar (@apnerve) 7 years ago

      Browser dev tools, using the command line and tools like Yeoman/Grunt/Bower don’t come under JS alone. So, I guess this topic is apt for Frontend “Engineering”

    • Dhaval Trivedi (@dytrivedi) Proposer 7 years ago

      Well there is some portion about JavaScript, but I’d say it is more about tooling/stack/workflows rather than JavaScript itself. It’ll rather be a bird’s eye view of JS architecture.

      The portion about JavaScript will solely emphasize on the fact that there’s more to JavaScript beyond jQuery/DOM and which tools to use for an application stack.

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