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Beyond Lorem Ipsum: Why your UX team needs a copywriter

Submitted by Mariusz Cieśla (@mariusz) on Dec 13, 2012

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If you're a designer or part of the product design team, you probably want to know how to build your team to maximize user experience improvements. Copywriting and content strategy is still undervalued source of great user experience. This talk shows why you need to hire a good copywriter if you want great user experience.


When we switch from designing websites and apps to designing systems, we need to acknowledge how important content is. This talk is about to show you how important good content strategy and copywriting is vital if you want great user experience. I will be showing examples from different projects where we've been creating "content out" design and how UX benefits from it.

Speaker bio

I have been working as a freelance web and user experience designer since 2004 and as a product designer for Kanbanery since 2009. I have been working closely with content guys defining "content out" user experience and loving it, so I want to share the love.


  • Rahul Gonsalves (@rahul) 7 years ago


    Mariusz, I am also a firm believer in the value that both designing content-outward as well as paying attention to copy add to overall user experience.

    I hope that your talk has a prescriptive element; not just about why I should hire a good copywriter, but how I as a designer/developer/product manager can improve UX by better thought-out copy.

    Could you also post links to some of your work, talks or essays? That would help me make a call on this as well.

  • Senthilkumar PN (@pnsenthil) 7 years ago

    I was looking forward to this but looks like this topic didnt get votes.

    • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Crew 7 years ago

      We actually selected this proposal but Mariusz was unable to travel to India.

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