Responsive web design workshop

Two-day hands-on workshop on designing for mobiles.

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Responsive Modules


Arpan CJ


Creating Responsive self-contained modules of related content


  • Responsive Content: * a flexible article module (eg: with:
  • title
  • body
  • author + metadata
  • blockquotes
  • images + captions
  • footnotes
  • Slideshow: A responsive slideshow with images, captions & links (requires JS & jQuery), with element animated individually & at different speeds (eg: )
  • Forms: Designing fieldsets, legends, labels, errors & hints to be responsive
  • Tables: Optimizing tabular content for mobiles.

Speaker bio

I’ve been a web designer & developer for the last 9 years. For the last couple years, I have focused on on cross-device UI design, specifically in creating web sites & web apps that work well across various screen sizes & resolutions.