Responsive web design workshop

Two-day hands-on workshop on designing for mobiles.

This is the place to discuss the topics for the workshop


We’re used to designing sites a certain way. We assume a certain width and a certain capability. The way we work isn’t too different from the way we used to design for print. And it worked fine until now.

But with the explosive growth of mobiles and tablets these assumptions are no longer valid. Every day more users are accessing our sites from their mobile phones.

By embracing the constraints and capabilities of mobile devices, you can take advantage of the growth in mobile web usage and the resulting new opportunities.

Mobile First design demands more responsible development practices. Layout interactivity, request count and file sizes all should be responsive.

Why is designing for the mobile first so important? And how do we do that? How is designing for the mobile web experience different? What design patterns can we use and what best practices should we follow?

Following are the topics that we plan to cover for this workshop. Please comment on them regarding the topic’s relevance in your view point. It will help us refine the structure accordingly and make it a worth while experience for the participants.


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