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Praveen Kumar


Scalable Frontend architecture

Submitted Mar 1, 2012

Learn how to structure your CSS to allow for flexibility and maintainability as your project and your team grows.

Explore a workflow where we develop a limited number of reusable components that can contain a range of different content types.


This talk is aimed at CSS authors who want to improve their workflow, learn to write well-structured and organized code that is easier to build and maintain.

I’d be covering the concepts like ooCSS, BEM and SMACSS. These approaches would be useful for creating fast-to-develop yet long-lived projects that encourage team scalability and code reuse without having a steep learning curve.

Though I mentioned “front-end”, I’d be covering HTML and CSS alone. No JavaScript.


Knowledge of well structured markup.

Good understanding of the cascade, specificity and inheritance in CSS.

Speaker bio

Praveen is a web addict and technology enthusiast with over 6 years of experience in web development. He is equally as excited by well-balanced typography as he is by well-written code. He loves coding, rants about bad coding practices and makes fun of SEO “experts” on twitter.



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