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Jai Santhosh


Go Geo with HTML5

Submitted Feb 29, 2012

With the evolution of GPS-capable systems and the web world, there is an explosion of location-based applications and the desire to geo-tag all data on the internet is immense.

This session aims at exploring the Geolocation capabilities that HTML5 provides with a few interesting use cases and examples.


Handheld devices and browsers have come a long way over the past three years. Many devices have been built with GPS hardware that can produce reliable geographical data, and in this session we discuss geolocation capabilities of HTML5. Aiming at enabling you to take advantage of geolocation technology in your next project and walk you through the following:

  • How Browser Geolocation works?
  • Handling it asynchronously
  • What’s in geolocation data?
  • Fallback to IP address Geolocation data?
  • watchPosition and clearWatch API
  • Using Map data effectively

Speaker bio

I’m an active hacker, work for Yahoo! as an engineer and evangelist in Yahoo! Development Network, give a few tech talks. A huge fan of Kung Fu Panda, dwell in the internet space, solve a Rubik’s cube for speed and play violin in my free time.

Reach me @jaisanth and may be you can find a bit useful.



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