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Rajasekharan Vengalil


Client side storage on the modern web

Submitted Mar 27, 2012

Learn what options we as web developers have when it comes to storing data on the client.


This session reviews the various options available to us today as web developers for storing bits of data on the client side. We’ll review technologies all the way from the venerable cookies to the swanky new Indexed DB proposal. Along the way we’ll take a look at some of the security implications of these new technologies and see some strategies for handling browser compatibility issues.


Basic familiarity with web development.

Speaker bio

Raj has been a part of the IT Industry for more than 9 years and works as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft. He has worked on a wide range of Microsoft products & technologies ranging from VC++, MFC and Win32 programming to the latest developments on the web front, JavaScript and .NET. His current focus is on advances in web development, HTML5 and building rich internet applications. When he’s not tinkering around with a computer he can be found reading, playing tennis, listening to music or playing FPS games.


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