Meta Refresh 2012

Web design could use some new ideas. We have the tech now.

Twitter bootstrap crash course

Submitted by Harish Sivaramakrishnan on Apr 2, 2012

Section: Default Technical level: Beginner Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


Gets you up and running with Twitter bootstrap in 40 mins. All code, no bullshit.


Twitter bootstrap is a fantastic UI framework to build great looking applications. This session will ramp you up to start leveraging bootstrap to build some kickass apps - all in 40 mins - all code.


Basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Speaker bio

I am a developer evangelist @ Adobe focusing on web and open standards. I am very passionate about UX design, web, open standards and data visualization. I bring more than a decade of experience building large scale applications for the web using open standards & other.


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