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While physical exercise is important and medication may also come into play; the key to managing diabetes is diet. No amount of exercise, medication, and insulin can help you if you do not make significant changes to your diet. If anyone of your loved ones is suffering from diabetes then you should get medical id bracelets for their safety.

First, it is important to understand that diabetes is a condition where the body cannot tolerate carbs very well. So, you can not manage diabetes well by feeding your body more and more carbs.

To manage diabetes, the first thing to do would be to ignore the conventional advice given by doctors which is to eat Oats, finger millet, fruits, popcorn, etc. with some servings of salad and vegetables.

First of all, it is important to understand that diabetes is a metabolic condition where our body cannot tolerate carbohydrates. So, trying to manage it by eating more and more carbohydrates is like trying to cure a drug addict of addiction by giving him/her more drugs.

Note the diet that can manage diabetes with NIL medication or a medication far lesser than the usual amount on a high carbohydrate diet is Low Carb High Fat or simply LCHF.

It works on the simple logic that since your body has a carbohydrate intolerance, you should restrict its intake. To replace the restricted amount of carbs, you use good fats. Ideally, your daily intake of good fats should be 60 percent of your calorie requirement. The other 40 percent should be half protein and half carbohydrate.

Below is the list of the items which you should and should not eat on this diet.

Eat-in Plenty: All vegetables growing above the ground (except peas). Some examples are bottle gourd, bell peppers, capsicum, avocados, spinach, fenugreek seeds, zucchini, string beans, bitter gourd, tomato, etc.

Onion, ginger, and garlic grow below the ground but are not on the restricted list.

Nuts like walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts.

Dairy items like soft cheese, cream, cheese, eggs, butter. Avoid milk and if he/she wants to eat curd, use only hung curd.

Generous amounts of Coconut Oil. It is best if you cook food in it. It can also be used for direct consumption.

Coconut and all its derivatives like Coconut flour, powder, and milk (except Coconut water).

For sweetening beverages and other eatables, liquid Stevia is the most preferred option as it contains zero carbohydrates, and does not impact blood sugar.

Low Carb fruits like black plum, strawberry, raspberry, etc.

Eat-in moderation: Pulses and legumes. They contain a generous amount of carbs with protein so they result in blood sugar spikes.

You can also safely eat peanuts. Just be careful not to eat too much as 100 grams of peanuts contain 16 grams of carbs. You can also use cocoa powder to make chocolates and some delicious drinks.

Avoid Sugar, honey, jams, jellies, artificial sweeteners like Splenda, sugar-free, or equal, grains, flour, pasta, bread, high carb dry fruits like cashew, dried or candied fruit, refined oils like soy and rice bran, soya in any other form, starchy vegetables like potato, peas, carrots, etc., Fruits.

LCHF is the key to good health. Also, please note that the above list is not exhaustive and you will be able to learn along the way once you start following it.

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