The Developer Conference

What the heck is Threat Intelligence ?


Kai Iyer


Insights to threat intelligence and the recent developments which evolved the infosec industry.
Infosec enthusiasts and developers can look for scope and wide range of possibilities to push their potential.
How threat intelligence can affect an individual in cyber world and what are the common mistakes made by everyone which leads to data thefts and compromising privacy.


What is threat intelligence ?
What are the recent developments in the industry ?
Why we need threat intel and how will it affect one’s life ?
The scope for devs and hackers
Common steps to protect data and security
Tons of resources to work on !


Apart from curious mindset a dev laptop.

Speaker bio

I am an infosec enthusiast and a dev working on threat intelligence for quite a time. I did several projects and completed quite a number of courses on infosec. I am a certified ethical hacker and redhat certified system administrator. Currently I’m working as an intern at EY. My project on threat intelligence was one of the top projects selected from EY challenge for Idea Fest finals. So, I believe I have got the skillset and knowledge to deliver this session.