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jaseem CK


Machine Learning : A Novice Perspective

Submitted Jun 27, 2019

Machine Learning is the current trend of the dev world. There has been a renewed interest in machine learning in last few years. This revival seems to be driven by strong fundamentals. Also it doesn’t just cloud around the top-notch developers and tech guys but also the beginners who have little knowledge of complex and advanced concepts and technologies. It is used in many applications and people stopped making a fuss about it. Students started doing final year projects and design projects on this. Get introduced to the world of machine learning with some basic concepts.
Statutory warning : This is for absolute beginners who want to get introduced to this domain and to make a study plan.


  • What is Machine Learning ?
  • What’s the fuss around it?
  • How it is different from AI,Datascience,Statistics?
  • Open source ML
  • Where is it applicable?
  • How to learn it?
  • Meet some resources


Just the interest to the topic and a keen attention would do.

Speaker bio

Hi! I am Jaseem ck. I currently am pursuing my final year btech studies. I am a Passionate learner and a developer. Enthusiastic to encourage others to start coding and myself. Always wanted to be part of something revolutionary that the world would remember for years.




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