The Developer Conference

Abraham Raji


Literate programming with Emacs

Submitted Jun 30, 2019

Engineers often engineer first and make documentation later, this often leaves the documentation half baked and useless. Another important aspect of this way of programming is that a few months down the line the purpose of certain parts of the code is ambiguous even to the engineer himself/herself. Another method of doing this is Literate Programming. Literate programming is the idea of releasing code and documentation together and generating both from the same file. Emacs is an extensible text editor jam packed with features. Features for fascilitating Literate Programming is baked right into emacs.The talk will showcase the power of Emacs and the beauty of literate Programming. The talk will involve be more or less a live and interactive session where I code and illustrate the features on spot.


  • Basics Of Emacs.
  • literature programming.
  • Literate Programming.
  • Lisp Interpretation.
  • Interchangable code-documentation formatting for literature programming


  • A projector that can be connected via a display port / VGA port.
  • I prefer not to hold the mic because I’d have to type quite a bit.

Speaker bio

Abraham Raji is the head of Student Developer Society who is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. He is a Free Software and Open Hardware enthusiast and an advocate for same. He has been an active contributor to projects and initiatives like the KDE Malayalam localization project, Save Poddery Initiative, Debutsav Kerala, etc.



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