Privacy Matters roundtable and Lean Data Practices workshop

Privacy Matters roundtable and Lean Data Practices workshop

An initiative for managing data, reducing risk and building trust



##Privacy Matters roundtable and Lean Data Practices workshop:
The Privacy Matters roundtable is an opportunity to engage with Indian B2C technology companies on the practical realities of how to run a data-driven business while respecting user privacy and security. This is a global series of workshops that uses the Lean Data Practices framework to drive structured discussion around three main themes:

  1. Managing data
  2. Reducing risk
  3. Building trust

and share experiences from companies in other markets.

The roundtable is followed by a technical workshop on how to apply Lean Data Practices to your company.

##Who should participate in the roundtable and the workshop:
The roundtable is open to executives and management from Indian B2C companies. The roundtable will discuss issues pertaining to managing data and reducing risk (see the schedule for more details).
The workshop is a training session on how to apply the Lean Data Practices framework in your organization. Engineers from B2C companies should attend the workshop.

##Requirements for participating in the workshop:
Participants must do the following to participate in the workshop:

  1. Roundtable participants must complete the LDP Pulse survey before the workshop. The link to the survey will be shared upon registration. The results from the workshop will be discussed during the Roundtable.
  2. Workshop participants must complete the pre-workshop survey before the workshop. The survey responses will be compiled and used to tailor the workshop as per participants’ needs.
  3. Workshop participants should bring company privacy policy and data inventory (if available).

##Reference links for Lean Data Practices framework:
The Lean Data Practices framework is based on real-world experiences of Mozilla and other tech companies from around the world. Interested persons may refer to the following links:

  1. LDP website and resources:
  2. LDP for civil society organizations:

News coverage:

  1. Indian Express:
  2. African Business Communities:

##About the Workshop Instructor:
Mika Shah has worked at the intersection of products and data practices for many years as Mozilla’s Associate General Counsel for Product, IP and Privacy. She has read, written, negotiated and been astounded by countless privacy policies, partner contracts, cookie notices, click-through agreements, and opt-out (or in) notices.

##Details about the workshop:
Date: Thursday, 10 October 2019
Time: 9:30 AM to 1:20 PM (round table); 2:00 PM to 5:15 PM (workshop)
Venue: Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Domlur, Bangalore


Bangalore International Centre (BIC)

No. 7, 4th Main Rd, Stage 2


Bengaluru - 560071

Karnataka, IN


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The Lean Data Practices (LDP) project is housed under Mozilla Corporation. LDP advocates how to stay lean and be smart about how you collect data. This will help build trust with your users and ultimately help grow your business. more