Procrastination to Productivity

Procrastination to Productivity

Mental health sessions by Kilter

Tarique Sani


Procrastination to Productivity

Submitted Aug 7, 2020

You are not lazy, you procrastinate! Understand procrastination in light of your limiting beliefs and discomfort intoerance. Learn how you can use this undertanding to transition from procrastination to productivity.


Everyone of us sometime or the other has been labeled as being “Lazy” most of us felt ashamed about it as well. In this session on Procrastination to Productivity I will guide the participants to discuss

  1. Procrastination vs Laziness vs Strategic Delay
  2. Unhelpful thinking patterns around procrastination
  3. Understanding and then breaking the procrastination cycle
  4. Practical techniques to become more productive

This is a closed door session, open to a maximum of 20 participants only. The session will be held as a meeting on Zoom. Link to the meeting will be shared only with registered participants.

Speaker bio

Psychotherapist, Paediatrician, Forensic Expert. PHP geek, Photographer, Cyclist, currently a Runner.


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