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TwitterGetsFitter - How community can boost your fitness journey

Submitted by Chitra Balachandran (@bombaybellyrina) on Thursday, 16 February 2017

Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Beginner

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In November 2016, I tweeted to my followers, looking for workout buddies to keep me motivated. Within hours, I had dozens. Today, over a hundred. What started as a rather selfish quest for fitness motivation has turned into India’s first online workout buddy system.
During the course of my talk, I hope to highlight the importance of fitness itself, as well as the power of community. Another important subject I shall discuss is body image and body positivity.
Like the movement, there are no real barriers to whom the audience for the talk should be. I believe it would be relevant to most adults, more so to those who have struggled with fitness, and whose body image issues may have triggered emotional issues and depression.


  • My own struggle with weight and depression
  • The tweet that started the movement
  • How TwitterGetsFitter grew
  • The TwitterGetsFitter community, and how we support each other
  • How community can aid your fitness goals
  • How fitness can impact your mental and emotional health

Speaker bio

Chitra is the creator of the TwitterGetsFitter movement. She is also a professional belly dance instructor and fitness coach, and has personally been through a journey of bad body image, ill health, and a struggle to regain fitness.



  • Sandhya Ramesh (@sandhyaramesh) Reviewer 2 years ago

    Hi Chitra! I know you provide exercises to everyone as a part of this movement. Can you email me some exercises that you’ve given, including how long they are?

  • Chitra Balachandran (@bombaybellyrina) Proposer 2 years ago

    Sure, Sandhya.

  • ritesh verma (@ritesh456) 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for letting me express my feeling about your post.
    You write every blog post so well. Keep the hard work going and good luck.
    Hope to see such beneficial post ahead to.

  • Farrah Orr (@qumanaged) 12 days ago

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