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Transformation secrets -- My own experience 97kgs to 60kgs with visible abs.

Submitted by medhamsh (@iammedhu) on Tuesday, 28 February 2017

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The talk focusses on how to loose fat(not weight) and gain muscle and be consistent with the results. Focussing on my own journey of being obese to getting a pack of six abs! It totally took two years for me and trying various eating patterns, cardiovascular activity and resistance training on combination and different points of time. This whole two years, I was just running a lab in my body and have documented several techniques who can achieve this. This is pure maths and science of calories spent and consumed. I am also succesfully helping people transform and this talk can help anyone who want to get into a better shape and be healthy.


I would be using slides, tell about the macros and micros and their importance, different forms of popular diets, workout techniques, suppliments etc. Slides not yet ready.



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Because this is my own story. Who can be a better narrator?



  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) 3 years ago

    Medhamsh, first of all, congrats on the incredible achievement.

    To shortlist your talk for Kilter, we’ll need to know what you did as part of the review process. We’ll be doing most of the discussion right here in the comments. There may be other speakers covering specific aspects of your process in greater detail, so part of the review is also to determine who gets to speak about those specifics, and in what order (in the schedule).

  • medhamsh (@iammedhu) Proposer 3 years ago

    It happened in several phases by receiving constant help from different ditecians and fitness experts. For the ninital chucnk of 8-12 kgs I was just cutting down on processed food, sugar, rice, alcohol with the help of a ditecian at a local hopital and following a cardio based activity in a local gym. This diet was so simple. It just gets us shed some kilos by cutting down on calories but not intelligently. I mean there is no check on carbs, protein ratio. But it definitely helped me to stick to a pattern. I had no idea on how the strength training would help me out reach my goals faster. But after loosing the initial 10 kgs I was feeling lot better and was looking good on clothes and many were admiring. It was kind of relaxing for me. It was a whole three month stretch. I was also taking bycicle to my office. Also incorporated swimming during weekends etc. Then I did nothing for some time and observed I have started gaining back the weight slowly. Thats when I started look out at programs like builtlean online. Tried to incorporate strength training. This was a failure. Couldnt get the workouts at all. Hired a personal trainer in the gym. It was an epic fail. I was just forced into hell lot of cardio everyday.

    Later I got in touch with an online fitness trainer from Delhi, Raghav Pandey. He was brilliant in explaining the science and math and only then I could put in practice the strength training. It was a cake walk to loose fat instead of spending numerous hours on treadmill. This was my real turning point in understanding the whole nutrition pattern and know about supplements and the edge they give. Supplemets are nver the magic pills unless you have a healthy eating pattern and workout. With his help I really got rid of good amount of fat. This was a four month stretch. I got to around 75 kgs by then. But there was still hanging love handles around my waistline. But I was already tired to continue anymore dieting. Family functions, friends, social pressure. A big break again. Alcohol creeped in. Slowly the junk started to get in. Outside food. Unhealthy eating patterns and everything bounced back.

    Thats when I started to look out some online programs again. I was bit embarassed to get in touch with Raghav again. Because I have done all that he asked me not to. I reached 82 kgs again :-(.

    But in the observation it was all simple. Unhealthy eating patterns and sedentary lifestyle gets you a fatso.

    This time I have started to chalk out a plan based on the knowledge I got , took out all the workouts from previous expereinces. Combined everything and started working out on my own. I was confident. Results were fast. I was loosing fat faster.

    After sometime I also joined a Gym, got a very good physical trainer there(Raj Kumar). He helped me get the right forms, give stretches and was of great moral support. I got very good vascularity. I knew all about my body by then. By this time I reached a very good appearance.

    I went back to Raghav. I asked him, to ge tme the right appraoch for a complete ripped look. With this episode, the final rippedness was achievable in two more months.

    Thanks to these two guys and many others. There are several pitfalls during all this period. Balancing the family, work and gettgin here was a not an easy journey but worth it.

    The whole motivation was just to set a good example to my 4 year old kid. I was so dreaming that my kid just get the habits in place rather than suffer in the later part of his life.

    Now I am pretty much confident in giving a strong resistance to the genetics and achieve something worthwhile. This lead me to prepare for ACE(American Council of Exercise) Personal trainer. I am looking forward to appear for it this time.

    Hope this helps for now.

  • Sandhya Ramesh (@sandhyaramesh) 3 years ago (edited 3 years ago)

    Hi Medhamsh, could you please put some text into your slides so that we can see how the information flows? Thanks.

  • Suman Bolar (@wickedwitch) 3 years ago (edited 3 years ago)

    Congratulations! That’s an amazing journey. You mentioned that you hired a trainer - could you tell us a little bit about the science you learnt along the way?

  • medhamsh (@iammedhu) Proposer 3 years ago

    @sandhyaramesh, @suman, updated slides. please find some infor there.

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