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The Carnivorous Human

Submitted by L. Amber O'Hearn (@amberohearn) on Mar 1, 2017

Section: Full Talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Cancelled


There is a widespread misconception that plants have proven benefit in the human diet. My experiences eating a plant-free diet for the last 7 years have led me to study the orgins of this misconception. In this talk I will explain why, contrary to common belief, almost all mammals use primarily fat for fuel, and why evolving humans needed to turn to a meat based diet to support their growing brains. I will then present evidence that plant-derived food is not only unnecessary to human health, but potentially dangerous.


Please see DRAFT of slides.

Speaker bio

Amber O’Hearn, M.Sc. is a Data Scientist with a background in math, computational linguistics, and psychology. She has been studying ketogenic diets as an avocation for 20 years, and recently began writing and speaking about her findings, including as supplemental educational material for physicians. Her work has been used as evidence in the recent Tim Noakes trial, demonstrating the safety and benefit of weaning babies onto a meat-based, high fat, low carb diet.




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