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STRONG by Zumba

Submitted by Angelynn Rozario (@angelynn) on Feb 21, 2017

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STRONG is an intense functional training workout, boosted by powerful music. It is also called HITT (High Intensity Tempo Training). We use the help of rhythms and tempos to take us through a 60min workout of burpees, push ups, planks, squats and the works! A puddle of sweat around you is guaranteed!


The class is divided into 4 sections or quadrants of 10 min each along with one warm up and one cool down section. Each quadrant increases in intensity and the last quadrant is all floor work.
There is no equipment required through the 1st 3 quadrants. The last quadrant can work better with the help of a yoga mat, although we can do without it too.


Yoga mat

Speaker bio

I am passionate Fitness enthusiast and consultant. Currently working as the Manager of FirstFitt, a leading gym in Pune, I started my fitness journey 6 years back.
I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA certified Group Trainer, ASFA certified Pilates Trainer, Zumba Certified for STRONG, ProSkills, Core, Glutes, Step, Sentao, Aqua, Kids and Toning, Piloxing Certified Instructor, CPR & AED Certified by American Heart Association and First Aid CErtified by Red Cross, India.

I have had an adveturous journey to this point in my life, starting out as a Computer Science Graduate, then a Production Manager at a reputed Animation Firm, and then a Copywriter for an Advertising Agency in Pune, until I finally found my calling 6 years back.

I have natural knack for teaching since it runs in my blood and I am in the market, not as money maker but an educator who wants to make everyone fall in love with working out!


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  • SR

    Sandhya Ramesh


    3 years ago

    Hi Angelynn, can you let us know:
    - how many people per session can you accommodate?
    - what time of the day you would prefer this? (Naturally can’t do after lunch etc)
    - The intensity of the workout: My personal guess is that burpees and the like can’t be easy for those who aren’t used to exercise, unless you’d like to do this only for those who’re at least moderately active. Thoughts?

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