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Designing diets for diabetics, that they'll actually like and follow

Submitted by Karan Manral (@kmanral) on Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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I come from a family with several diabetics, but only began taking it seriously when my mom, a long time diabetic, started also developing symptoms of gout.

Thanks to some thoughtful advice from a diabetes specialist, a nutritionist and Tastespotting recipe modifications by my wife, we soon developed a 9-day diet my mom actually would follow.

The results for her were astounding, with rapid reduction of blood sugar scores, reduced insulin needs and recession of gout symptoms. The results also extended to us, with substantial weight loss for me and more surprsingly eyesight improvements for my wife.


-Dealing with the diabetes and gout, understanding the combined challenges -The glycemic and purine indexes, which foods are safe and which aren’t -Substitution of ingredients, popular gourmet dishes with a special twist -How to avoid boredom and temptation for the patient and family -Observations and results, along with feedback from the doctor -Other health benefits, and how to accelerate diet impacts



Speaker bio

I’m probably amongst the most health aware unhealthy looking people you’ve met. Can’t cook at all too.

Am considered borderline compulsive about organic kitchen gardening, organic farming, local food systems and more recently urban forests.

Past career flirtations include technology. Long ago editor of CHIP and Digit magazine.



  • Sandhya Ramesh (@sandhyaramesh) 3 years ago

    Could you please submit slides to this talk so that we can review your content? Thanks.

  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew 3 years ago

    Karan, can you share the specifics of this nine-day diet and what in this diet began to cause improvements? Are improvements replicable across a larger group of people? What is in the diet that is causing the improvements that you are reporting?

  • Karan Manral (@kmanral) Proposer 3 years ago

    Zainab, on your questions…

    A: Basis of the diet…
    1. Specifics of the diet (snapshot)
    2. Reference purine index chart
    3. Sample glycemic scores chart

    The diet works by eliminating the biggest reasons for high sugar and uric acids, which are foods like animal protein (high purine content) and several carbohydrates (high on the glycemic index) which amplify the issues that people with diabetes or gout are experiencing. These principles are also broadly the basis of any diet prescribed to patients of these conditions, and the diet merely identifies clearly the “danger foods”, and provides safer nutrition choices for the person following it. The benefits to non-patients like us was also substantial IMO over 2-3 month period.

    In terms of it working with other folks, we probably have about a dozen people here who took to it and experienced good results (the diabeties-gout double whammy is common in Goa), but the blog healthylivingindia where it was listed and more comments available, is no longer up.

    I can also share the Excel sheets if you’d like to see them.

  • Karan Manral (@kmanral) Proposer 3 years ago

    Sandhya, do I need to link to the slides from a shared folder or email them to you?

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