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Circus Fitness

Submitted by Kristen McQuillin (@tink) on Feb 14, 2017

Section: Workshops Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Working out can be ridiculously fun. Circus Fitness is a creative workout combining circus skills like hula hoop and acrobatics with conditioning for flexibility, balance, and strength.


For a 90 minute session, we’ll do:
1. Warmup & Introduction, 5 minutes - joint mobility & imaginative movement
2. Hula Hoop Tricks, 25 minutes - waist hooping, lasso/spin, weave, jump through, isolations
3. Balance & Core Training, 5 minutes - planks and dynamic balances
4. Juggling, 20 minutes - group juggling, pass practice, 2 ball and 3 ball
5. Group Acrobatics, 25 minutes - partner balances, banque formations, group 2-up
6. Cool Down, 10 minutes - long-held stretches for muscles and ligaments


Be prepared for silliness. Please wear clothes you can move in and if possible, bring a yoga mat. You’ll want water and a towel, too. Other equipment will be provided. Experience not required.

Speaker bio

Tink is a creative dilettante with a passion for movement, storytelling, and art. A circus teacher and performer, she works around the world with kids and adults to create community circus events. Circus Fitness is one of her favorite classes to teach.



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