There is general wisdom that the more severe the spouse’s condition, the more painful the separation. But even before parting, a beautiful and successful woman left no peace for anyone. And when a simple family or an ordinary girl in a small town marries a millionaire, many want to attack and “wash the bones.” Instead of being jealous and trying to accomplish something on their own, people blame the fate of their failure and get angry with those who succeed in life. Marriage with a millionaire is becoming a trendy topic. In addition to jealousy, many relatives of millions of owners treat the chosen people with tremendous distrust.
There are many examples of such situations. Bozhena Rynska is a professional journalist, blogger, and secular columnist. She is already well known for her work and is very popular in the mass media. Her long-standing relationship with Igor Malashenko, former CEO of Channel One and head of NTV, made her even more popular with the prefix “Anti.” Rynska and Malashenko met at a relatively mature age when Igor was legally married and had three children. But this did not prevent him from leaving his family for his new lover, even though he did not officially end his relationship with his first family.

Filed the divorce only seven years later, and Malashenko and Rynska lived in a civil marriage. The couple then formalized the relationship and began to plan for the future. The journalists didn’t need anything in their lives, but she didn’t show up in Rynsk’s will. There was no luck there, so that Bozhena couldn’t claim almost anything during her divorce.

According to Rynska and Malashenko’s family members, Bozhena was constantly accusing her husband of hiding her wealth from her. If she gets divorced, she may not have the so-called “safety cushion” needed for self-sufficiency and may not have a dignified presence. When his body was found in a villa in Malashenko, Spain (the incident was declared suicide), a verbal attack on Rynska’s husband forced his first wife and media to commit suicide to her husband. He insisted on his widow and almost blamed him. During her marriage, Bozhena dreamed of a child like any other woman, but due to health problems, she did not risk having a child alone and became her surrogate mother...

She had several attempts. Still, unfortunately, only the last shot was successful after Malashenko’s death. This is another reason for the persecution of the widow, as many suspect the relationship between the girl and Malashenko. And maybe she has to prove Malashenko’s paternity in a struggle for her future trust. The legitimate spouses and widows of millionaires and those who have or have had informal relationships with them have been persecuted.

Russian-American entrepreneur and version Yulia Lemigova have been with banker Eduard Stern. However, the tale became loud and scandalous; the complete recall of the radical via way of means of Lemigova and Stern withinside the past due to the 90s. Their dating advanced unexpectedly and violently, Eduard for the sake of Julia, broke off members of the family together along with his circle of relatives or even filed for divorce. Soon Lemigova observed out that she became anticipating an infant; however, the toddler became now no longer destined to be born in an own whole circle of relatives. Right earlier than the beginning in their son, Julia and Eduard had a fierce quarrel and parted, due to which the newly-made mom became compelled to elevate her son Maximilian alone.

There became a reliable marriage or no longer; however, an infant of his personality is usually a contender for a percentage withinside the inheritance. And Lemigova’s son posed a chance to Stern’s different heirs. This became uncomfortable for his first spouse. Lemigova became subjected to all sorts of persecution, she continuously felt surveillance, and a tragedy struck: as soon as she observed five-month-antique Maximilian lifeless in her apartment. The infant’s nanny disappeared without a trace. At the same time, the scenario became supplied so that Yulia herself became nearly accused or even despatched into custody for the most feasible period, glaringly to keep away from a worldwide scandal. After she became released, the scenario with the kid’s mysterious dying subsided; it became useless to elevate a panic. Psychologically, Lemigova was already broken.

Another sad tale of relationships with rich guys is the affection tale of Katerina Bosov and the “coal” businessman Dmitry Bosov.

When assembly, her destiny husband, Katerina Bosov, had already completed loads together with her thoughts and paintings and will boast of a successful career: she held extreme positions in big Russian and worldwide companies. At Modny Continent JSC, which produces stylish garments below the INCITY brand, she proved herself an excellent store and a skilled leader.
But, no matter this, there has been sufficient green with envy people: the wedding of an average woman from an own easy circle of relatives with a millionaire outraged the public. Katerina herself and her husband remained unperturbed. They have been absorbed by their circle of relatives and the kid that they’d been born.

At the same time, Katerina did now no longer overlook approximately her paintings. Supporting her circle of relatives hearth, being concerned for her loved spouse and little daughter, Bosov persevered to paintings with INCITY boutiques and opened more horizons increasingly for the company.
The marriage became pleasant, and the couple made plans, dreamed approximately the destiny. But the tragic death of Dmitry Bosov, identified as a suicide, destroyed everything, turning the existence of Katerina Bosov into an absolute nightmare.

The popularity of Bosov’s dying as a suicide best provoked the public, the discontent and envy of those around him for the successes of Katerina Bosov have been already significant, and right here, there may be a motive to prick greater painfully. Now she is accused of the death of her husband, and that they write testimonies that their circle of relatives existence became no longer so happy and that they write approximately consistent scandals among spouses and Katerina’s claims. More and more excellent statistics seems that Katerina demanded from her husband to consist of her withinside the will, and the death of her husband became helpful to her. She does now no longer seem withinside the choice. But what’s happening across the own circle of relatives tragedy has a sturdy poor mental effect on the woman. And in preference to persevering with her business, establishing style boutiques, and imparting for her little daughter, she is compelled to make excuses and is looking for justice.

No one ever thinks beforehand in a dating. And it might be odd to surrender feasible happiness simply out of worry that something will move wrong. Perhaps, understanding what number of poor effects this dating will bring, ladies could now no longer have entered into them. But the hazard is a noble cause, specifically concerning human family members.

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