How Ventilators Work

How Ventilators Work

Complexity of medical systems

Introduction to Ventilators: How Do They Work?

With COVID19 affecting lungs and inducing acute respiratory stress, ventilators have taken the role of crucial medical tools, saving countless lives. Across the world, efforts are underway to build open source ventilators and to enable existing ventilators to be used for multiple patients simultaneously.

In this session, Krishanu Choudhury will take us through how ventilators work and how they assist breathing. He will walk us through the challenges involved, and will illustrate just how complex these medical systems are.

About the Speaker:
Krishanu Choudhury is a mechanical engineer with over 11 years of experience working in engineering design and development. He has been working in the medical devices sector for the past 5 years and has been involved with development of ventilators.

Who Should Participate:

  1. Health professionals,
  2. Engineers, product managers, and others working on medical devices.
  3. Health journalists.

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How Ventilators Work

How Ventilators Work

1 hour17 May 2020

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