National Digital Health Blueprint: India's data infrastructure for healthcare

In recent years, India has been applying information technology to healthcare and investing in a health data ecosystem. The National Digital Health Blueprint (NDHB) envisions an integrated system for India’s health data by interlinking all health databases based on Electronic Health Records. In this event, the speakers will give you an overview of the investments, challenges and issues with our data and technology approach to healthcare. What has the COVID-19 crisis meant for the healthcare sector? Will it result in an increase or decrease in future investments?

About the discussants:

  1. Ding Wang, Post Doc Researcher at Microsoft Research. Ding is a ethnographer in the field of technology looking into how technology design and deployment should be and could be appropriate to the socio-economic status. At microsoft research her current project focus lies where the future of work intersects with the future of health care, particularly in low resource settings
  2. Suthirth Vaidya, Co-founder of Predible Health. Suthirth has a Masters in Engineering Design with specialization in Biomedical Design from IIT Madras. He is co-founder of Predible Health, their LungIQ solution is designed to deliver accurate and quantitative reports for referring pulmonologists.
  3. Aayush Rathi, Policy Officer, Centre for internet and Society. Aayush Rathi is a lawyer housing his research at the researchers @ work programme at the Centre for Internet and Society, India. Among other things, his research explores the datafication of health programs in India, and in the global South.

Reading Material:

1.National Health Data Blueprint Document
2.National Health Data Blueprint RTI file
3.National HealthStack Consultation Submissions
4.Electronic Health Records
5.Electronic Health Records Standards RTI File 1
6.Electronic Health Records Standards RTI File 2
7.Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) Part 1
8.Integrated Health Information Platform(IHIP) Part 2
9.Integrated Health Information Platform(IHIP) Part 3
10.Data Infrastructures and Inequities: Why Does Reproductive Health Surveillance in India Need Our Urgent Attention?
11.Is India’s Digital Health System Foolproof?
12.Making Chat at Home in the Hospital: Exploring Chat Use by Nurses

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India's Data Infrastructure in Health: National Health Data Blueprint

India's Data Infrastructure in Health: National Health Data Blueprint

1 hour22 April 2020




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