The Age of Drones

The Age of Drones

An open house on the future of drone technologies and their implementation

The Kaarana community runs a regular series of events on drones. As the uses and policies evolve, our series will cover the implications of drones for technology, economy and policy.

Session 2: Interaction with Anirudh Rastogi of Ikigai Law

Drone regulations in India have created some confusion in how they can be used. Although the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has created a demand for drone based delivery in some quarters, this is not currently allowed as per regulations.

In this session, we interacted with Anirudh about the existing state of drone regulations, and their future.

Watch a recording of this session on HasGeek TV, here!

About the Speaker:
Anirudh Rastogi is the Founder of Ikigai Law, specialises in TMT and Corporate Law. He is a renowned corporate lawyer and has been recognized by BusinessWorld as Achiever of the Year in 2017. “The Economic Times named him a “pioneer” for his contribution to the drone regulations in India. He is also an advisor to the Drone Federation of India.”

Session 1: Flying Drones in India

We discussed the ground issues with manufacturing drones and flying them.

About the Speakers:

  1. Kishore Jonnalagadda, co-founder of Drone Aerospace Systems. Kishore is a mechanical engineer with over 18 years experience in UAV/drone systems. He is involved with development of Micro Air Vehicles at Drone Aerospace systems. He is avid aeromodeller, wildlife enthusiast and has won drone olympics at Aero India 2019.
  2. Shashank Srinivasan, Director at Technology for Wildlife. Shashank is a conservation geographer and drone pilot. Technology for Wildlife has been conducting trainings programmes on usage of drones for wildlife conservation and using them in the wild for location intelligence.
  3. Soumyarendra Barik, Journalist at Medianama. Soumyrendra Barik is a journalist at Medianama, covering technology and has reported drone usage for policing and has done extensive reportage about the way the police hires drones for operations.

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Interaction with Anirudh Rastogi of Ikigai Law

Interaction with Anirudh Rastogi of Ikigai Law

1 hour29 April 2020
Open house discussion: on tech and policy for drones in India; use cases; future scenarios

Open house discussion: on tech and policy for drones in India; use cases; future scenarios

Discussants: Kishore Jonnalagadda, Shashank Srinivasan. Moderated by Soumyarendra Barik

1 hour15 April 2020




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