JuliaCon India 2015

The first Indian conference on the Julia programming language

Kannan Moudgalya


Teaching Julia

Submitted Oct 3, 2015

To Introduce our group’s efforts to use Julia in Education.


This session will be about the story of the Rs. 5,000 laptop built at IITB, the team’s experience of porting Julia to it, teaching material we are building for Julia.

We will learn how open source software systems can co-exist, and together can make a viable alternative to established commercial software. For example, with Julia’s computing power at the back end, A Scilab Xcos modelling framework could be as good as, if not better than, Simulink. Julia’s targeted code development for microcontrollers, through Julia to C compiler and other applications, will fill a long felt need, as such capabilities exist only in commercial systems.

Speaker bio

Prof. Kannan M Moudgalya is a professor of Chemical Engineering, Systems and Control, and Education Technology at IIT Bombay. His group has been pivotal in driving the adaption of open source software in India - especially tools for technical computing, such as SciLab. In the field of education his group is now working on Aakash, the world’s lowest cost computer and also its successor, a netbook computer costing Rs. 7,500. We are developing educational content for these devices.


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