JuliaCon India 2015

The first Indian conference on the Julia programming language

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TERI, Bangalore

Julia is a high-level dynamic language which was invented out of greed to do more. Unlike other high-level dynamic languages, Julia is really fast. It inherits design tenets from Lisp, builds on the good parts of C, MATLAB, R, Python and Ruby to create a language that is performant and highly productive at the same time.

We are proud to announce the first ever JuliaCon India. It will feature the creators of the language Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Karpinski, and Viral B Shah, and an enthusiastic contingent of Julia programmers in India. It’s a two-day event consisting of a day-long conference (9th Oct) and a workshop (10th Oct).

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This is the space for submitting proposals to speak at JuliaCon India - happening on the 9th and 10th of October 2015, in Bangalore. more

Nishanth Kottary


Fast database interfacing with MySQL.jl

Submitted Sep 26, 2015

A talk on the MySQL.jl package. Explains how high level interfaces in julia can attain near native C speeds.


MySQL.jl is a julia interface to the MySQL C connector. Apart from wrappers around MySQL C functions, MySQL.jl provides high level features such as converting MySQL results to DataFrames.

The aim of this talk is to show how low-level programming can be done in julia. Calling C functions and working with C data types and pointers is easier in julia compared to other high level languages. Also, using type annotations and memory preallocations we can achieve near C speeds without affecting code readability.

Speaker bio

Hi, I work at Julia Computing Inc. Previously I worked at Cisco Systems, Bangalore. I am currently working on MySQL.jl. LinkedIn


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Working with many different databases in Julia

This talk will focus on how Julia can work with various databases more

26 Sep 2015