JuliaCon India 2015

The first Indian conference on the Julia programming language

Fast database interfacing with MySQL.jl

Submitted by Nishanth Kottary (@nishanthk) on Sep 26, 2015

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


A talk on the MySQL.jl package. Explains how high level interfaces in julia can attain near native C speeds.


MySQL.jl is a julia interface to the MySQL C connector. Apart from wrappers around MySQL C functions, MySQL.jl provides high level features such as converting MySQL results to DataFrames.

The aim of this talk is to show how low-level programming can be done in julia. Calling C functions and working with C data types and pointers is easier in julia compared to other high level languages. Also, using type annotations and memory preallocations we can achieve near C speeds without affecting code readability.

Speaker bio

Hi, I work at Julia Computing Inc. Previously I worked at Cisco Systems, Bangalore. I am currently working on MySQL.jl. LinkedIn


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