JuliaCon India 2015

The first Indian conference on the Julia programming language


Debugging using Gallium.jl

Submitted by Nishanth Kottary (@nishanthk) on Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Technical level: Beginner


Demonstrates how to use Gallium.jl to debug julia code.


Gallium.jl is the julia debugger. Just like debuggers for other programming languages it can be used to set breakpoints, view backtrace, step into functions etc. Unlike other debuggers Gallium.jl lets you debug the compiled llvm code and to interact with LLDB’s C++ API through a C++ REPL.
This session will be about the basic debugger commands to debug a julia process as well as how to interact with the underlying LLDB.

Speaker bio

Nishanth H K, Works at Julia Computing Inc, Bangalore.


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