PureScript Meetup

PureScript Meetup

On PureScript and its commercial applications

Arun Raghavan


Deep dive technical introduction to PureScript

Submitted Sep 12, 2019

A whirlwind tour of PureScript for anyone familiar with any other programming language.


The talk will go through top-level PureScript concepts to give you a flavour of the language. We won’t be able to deep-dive into any specific topic, but I’ll be around to answer questions, provide pointers and generally talk your ears off after.

The things I will cover are:

  • Describing your data with the PureScript type system
  • Functions as first-class citizens
  • Big scary typeclasses
    • Functors
    • Foldable
    • Applicatives
    • Monads (gasp)
  • How to do things

We’ll be walking through these concepts with simple real-world examples, on order to make this all relatable.


Beginner-level experience with any programming language should suffice.

Speaker bio

My natural habitat is the low-level plumbing that is required for all the systems around us.

When I do come up for air, I find Haskell and PureScript a joy to work with, particularly in how well they allow you to express an idea in code. I’m also excited to see systems programming take inspiration from these languages (via Rust).

In this talk I hope to get others as excited as I am.





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