JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Jaikanth Kumaran


The Best ReactJS Starter Project ?

Submitted May 16, 2018

After crossing the hurdle of React vs Vue vs Preact vs Angular etc. If the winner is React (need not be), the next hurdle is which React project to start from. In this talk We will compare some of the popular projects from the React ecosystem.

CRA (Create React App) has become the default starting place for many projects. 
NextJs is a very good option when you need server side rendering 
GatsbyJS is a good option for a static website, but it can do much more!

We shall get into more details of the above three projects and when you should choose to use it. We will map these projects to specific use cases as well as make an opinionated take on when not to use it.


Below is a brief outline & flow of the presentation (subject to change :)

  • Why developers or companies choose ReactJs
  • The currently popular ReactJS projects, like CRA, GatsbyJS etc
  • Map real world use cases to popular ReactJS projects
    • Real world example sites using those projects.
  • Dive into the top 3-5 ReactJS projects.
    • Project structure
    • Code samples for a simple app
  • Summary


Just need a projector

Speaker bio

  • Fullstack javascript developer.
  • Founder of sherpafeet.com. sherpafeet is a social enterprise to benefit local guides of Indian himalayas.
  • Founder of tech47.in, a technology services startup.
  • ReactJS, GraphQL, Serverless Evangelist.
  • Trekking, Cycling, Yoga & have also run multiple marathons including a 100km ultra marathon.
  • https://linkedin.com/in/jaikantkumaran



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