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JSFoo: round the year submissions

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Mayank Raj


Tearing down & exploring - RsJS

Submitted Feb 22, 2018

Just like JS itself, it’s extreemly easy to get started with RxJS. Having being included as a core library in Angular means that for some of us, it’s even necessary to get started with it. As the library exposes very clear-to-understand API, it’s eaven more easier to somehow just get things going and not bother about it. This has never been a good idea. This talk focuses on explaining the core building blocks by building it from scratch. This also helps in reinforcing why certain things happen the way they happen, like why observables are lazy in nature. It then goes in to explore concepts like how data flows along the chain of operators, Hot & Cold Observables, Higher Order Observables etc.


This talk starts off with going over some basic concepts of reactive style of programming and then quickly jumps into much more intermediate/advanced level topics. It talks about how observables, operators etc are just sets of functions and how we can build them from scratch easily. It helps enforce one of the core and central idea of observables that observables are lazy in nature, by explaining the architecture that supports it. We then move on to distinguishing design patterns and how the data should be handled. With supporting demo, we then explore the concept of Hot&Cold Observables and higher order observables.

Finally, to show all these concepts in action a multiplayer demo is shown with the code.


None, all the code exaples would be provided on JSBin

Speaker bio

(I have spoken at national & International events. Most recent being the above talk at Nerd Summit at UMass Amherst, Massachusetts, USA.)

I started off with android rom development, was a device maintainer for CynogenMod before it blew up. A small freelance project for a startup got me into web development. I’ve been consulting in web domain ever since, taking up training sessions, both online and offline and hacking around in general. I’ve consulted couple of multi-billion dollar companies.
Everything I know is self-taught, I know firsthand how important role the community plays when it comes to learning new technologies in this fast paced environment and I like to give back to it in whatever form I can.



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Saptak Sengupta

jQuery: To Do or Not To Do

jQuery is a small, lightweight and feature-rich Javascript library. It helps in a lot of DOM related manipulation, event handling, DOM traversal, animations and many more using a very simple API. more

09 Mar 2018