JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Rahul Kumar


Reactive API development with gRPC for Highly data-intensive Web app

Submitted Jul 27, 2018

Developing an end-to-end data application right from data ingestion, data enrichment and visualization is a very cumbersome task. Many small and large systems work together to accomplish a single task that powers a unit of our application. In this talk, I will demonstrate how to use gRPC to create connections between internal services, external system and various web and mobile apps. This talk is aimed at intermediate API developer in any language with limited knowledge of microservices. In this talk, I will use a Scala-based web framework like Akka-HTTP, but gRPC & talks concept can we used with any programming language. Akka-HTTP is an actor model-based framework, Actor model helps to build highly responsive, resilient, elastic and message-driven system.


After the talk audience will get knowledge on how to use gRPC, Protobuff & actor model to develope higly concurrent and robust web application api.

Speaker bio

Rahul Kumar is a Software Developer working with big data technologies & reactive systems from last 6 years. He developed various data pipeline using Hadoop eco system projects, Apache Spark stacks & Akka Toolkits. He also shared his experience with various companies to develop reactive web applications. Scala & Golang are his all-time favorite language.


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