JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Trivikram Kamat


React State vs Redux vs MobX vs Context

Submitted Oct 4, 2018

React’s Context API provides a way to pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down manually at every level.
When Context stable API was released with React v16.3.x, there were articles and discussions across the web proclaiming that it’s the death of Redux.

In this talk, we’ll go through a simple application which uses React’s State, and then:
* edit the application to use Redux
* edit the application to use MobX
* edit the application to use Context

This is a type of learning by doing, in which we’ll understand the pros/cons of both Redux/MObX/Context by actually writing the code


I’d given this talk at SeattleJS MeetUp (not a conference) on Oct 2nd, 2018 https://www.meetup.com/seattle-react-js/events/254713205/, slides and video link is shared in respective section

In the Meetup talk I’d done live editing, but I plan to show video instead (so that I can talk about the differences)

Speaker bio

Trivikram Kamat is a Software Development Engineer based out of Seattle area
He’s active in Open Source Community for over a year now, and is a NodeJS collaborator. He’s one of the maintainers of confs.tech website which is built using Create React App, and has worked with React versions 0.14.x, 15.x and 16.x over last three years.





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