JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Thomas Rogg


neonious one / JavaScript for IoT

Submitted Jan 3, 2018

Introducing a new generation of IoT microcontroller board.

Programmable and debuggable out of box in an on-board web-based IDE, combining JavaScript ES 6, TypeScript, Node.JS API and modules with Internet directly on the board via Wifi or Ethernet and with all the other interfaces microcontroller board usually provide. All for less than the price of a Raspberry Pi.

Intended audience is everyone who likes to combine programming (in JavaScript) with hardware, or likes to create things in general.


Step through of hardware and software

Why is neonious one unique compared to the other options out there (Arduino, mbed, Espruino or Mongoose OS, Raspberry Pi)?

In the talk I will also showcase examples of what can be done, each starting with an empty breadboard and zero lines of code. Could be, for example: how to create a web server with dynamic content (add an SD card slot for many static files!) and sophisticated custom LED strip animations.


I will try to keep it simple for everyone!

Speaker bio

  • Programming since I was 9, initially C/C++
  • Fell in love with JavaScript as soon as I discovered Node.JS
  • Major in Computer Science
  • Good English :-)


  • still stealth mode, sorry


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