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JSFoo: round the year submissions

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Vikash Bhardwaj


Modern JS Apps and Security Considerations

Submitted Sep 17, 2018

With a fast-changing shift in the way legacy web apps converting to Universal Rendering based Tech stack, we as Front-end developers need to transform ourselves with same speed. Security is one important NFR that needs to be relooked in Universal Applications and I am going to cover best practices that we applied in our React based Application using Express.


My session will be covering the Security practices that a developer need to take while they are developing Universal Applications using JS as core stack.

Speaker bio

Vikash Bhardwaj is Director Technology at SapientRazorfish who believes in developing emmersive yet simple user experiuences with help of modern web technologies. I am leading the solution architectire of Universal Web Applications that brings a new era of web development where front-end becomes back-end to bring best of SPA and SSR together. My talk will be around the implementation of Security best practices for JS based applications.




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Ravi Shekhar

Server Side rendering with ReactJS

A workshop on creating a server side rendered ReactJS application. more

19 Sep 2018