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JSFoo: round the year submissions

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Journey from Angular 1.x to React in our organization

Submitted Feb 24, 2019

Almost everyone knows Angular 1.x framework and pain points in handling big application built-in Angular 1.x. Most of us think of migrating to React but it become nightmare to convince business to stop enhancement and migrate to React. Because business requirements drive the need of tech stacks not the wise versa.

Let’s start with some questions and see if they looks familiar to you:

- Are you still working on Angular 1.x or thinking to migrate to React?
- Are you facing problem in handling huge data in your app?
- Are you struggling to maintain reusable code?
- Are you facing challenges in Deployment, Logging, Monitoring or Debugging your app?

If they looks familiar then this talk is going to be interesting for you. Will cover solutions to all above problems along with challenges we faced in migrating our huge Angular 1.x app to React.


Our talk will cover these major points -

- Our codebase before React arrived
- How React got its place in our Organization
- Challenges faced in migration from Angular To React
- Issues faced by React in the beginning 
- Deployment, Logging, Monitoring and Debugging of React App (4 key aspects of any application life cycle)
- Current React App at our Organization
- Impact of Revamp to React
- Our future plans with React in 2019


  • Soul full of problems and spirit full with curiosity to solve them.

Speaker bio

I’m Chirag, a techie with great passion for solving real world problems with technologies. I’m also an entrepreneur, have worked on my own education venture in past. I believe in writing code for fun and generating revenue even from it. Currently working as FrontEnd lead at MoEngage. I have worked with multiple companies in different sectors and helped them in solving their business needs through tech. I have conducted many sessions/workshops at multiple schools/colleges, helping students to grow & look beyond syllabus into real world problems.

  • www.chirag-goel.in




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