JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Abhijit Gadkari


Javascript for C#/ Java/ C++ Developers

Submitted Jul 20, 2018

Focus of this talk will be on mapping main stream OO principals such as data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism to Javascript syntax and evaluating its impact on overall Javascript performance , scalability and underlying data structures


1. Intoduction to Javascript 2 phase execution cycle and underlying memory model
2. Implementing OO concepts such as class, constructor, objects, inheritance, abstract class , properties, static types etc. via common javascript syntax
3. Demo Large Scale Javascript project designed using OO principals [code will be shared via github ]. For example, Enterprise class Decision Engine implemented in Javascript
4. Evaluating performance and scalability matrix based on the evaluation of large scale javascript implementation


  1. Good OO Understanding [preferbaly background in C++ / C# / Java / Pyton]
  2. Basic undertanding of executing Javascript via browser based and non-browser based javascript engines
  3. Fundamental memory managment knowledge [difference between stack and heap, pointers, call stack, etc.]

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