JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

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Claudia Hernández


How to sort your socks using Javascript

Submitted Dec 19, 2017

No matter your experience in JS, you have probably came across the Array#sort method at some point. Do you remember the first time you tried sorting numbers? You were probably astonished that the sort method does not sort things out quite as we might expect.

Believe it or not, there is actually much more going on than meets the eye! Let’s get our computer science hat on and explore some useful sorting algorithms currently implemented by JS engines used by Node such as Chrome’s V8 and Microsoft’s Chakra. As a developer, learning how these algorithms work, why and when to use them will help you create more performant and consistent applications!


This talk has already be given twice, at JSDayIT and NodeConfAr, both in english and spanish. This talk is about the native sort function and explain the actual algorithms used behind the native method and how the different choices of algorithms by browsers can affect the outcome and performances of web applications. This talk is meant to people who have already forgotten their algorithms courses or have never taken one. I walkt them through the different implementations by different JS engines and include benchmarking cases.

Speaker bio

Claudia Hernández is a mexican frontend developer at Auth0. She has previously worked at Dailymotion in Paris and on projects for companies such as Air France, EDF, Groupe SEB and Aéroport de Paris. Claudia has a computer science background and loves learning emerging web technologies. When she is not coding, chances are you’ll find her reading a book ! Claudia also loves travelling and discovering new cultures.





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