JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Gireesh Punathil


Essential Node.js learning kit

Submitted Aug 3, 2018

While Javascript as a language is easy to learn, there are subtleties in the programming model and execution environment which cause some difficulty for beginners. For example, new developers often have questions related to the out of order execution of I/O and its implications in their programs. This session aims to illustrate the top 10 concerns for new developers based on questions received about usage (partially from the nodejs/help repository). These will be covered as follows: definition, common usage pattern, control flow, best practices, and problem determination. The current top 10 includes: [1] promises [2] events [3] buffer [4] addons [5]streams [6] cluster [7] modules [8] timers [9] json [10] npm.


  • Provide a background to the asynchronous, event driven programming model
  • Provide a background to the most essential Node.js programming semantics
  • For each of the essential learning topic, illustarte:
    ** the concept,
    ** an example
    ** common usage pattern
    ** best prctice and tips
    ** common mistakes
    ** debugging

For community:
* Fast learning and ramping up
* Hands-on with the concept and rectify problems onsite
* Famililarity with common usages and Node.js ideoms

For the Conference:
* Align to the spirit of learning and knowledge exchange



Speaker bio

Gireesh Punathil is an Architect and Software developer with IBM India Software Labs, predominantly working in Java and Node.js. In 15 years of his career, he has been porting, developing and debugging web servers, virtual machines and compilers. His expertise is in problem isolation and determination of large and complex software modules. He has spoken at several Node.js and Java conferences.


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