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JSFoo: round the year submissions

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Akansha Agnihotri


Data-Visualization: The path to declaratively visualized future using React

Submitted Nov 21, 2018

We live in an era of data explosion, when nearly every application we develop uses or leverages data to improve the experience delivered to the users. Sometimes, the best feature we can deliver to our users is the data itself. However, table and number charts are often tiring to read and it can be hard to draw actionable insights from large data tables. Instead, we can use neat data visualization methods that leverage the brain’s ability to identify and process data in a visual way. The Talk aims to analyze multiple React based libraries that makes data visualization way easier and lays down comparative verdicts for choosing the library satisfying project constraints.


The concept of using pictures to understand data has been around for centuries, from maps and graphs in the 17th century to the invention of the pie chart in the early 1800s. Presently in the internet era, with enormous data there’s potential for great opportunity which requires information visualization at its core. The talk aims to provide an insight of multiple visualization libraries which caters different needs. The audience is expected to have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, and should be comfortable with componential driven declarative methodology of programming, preferably with ReactJs. No prior knowledge of Data-Visualization is required as the aim is to inspire all to board the wagon of visualization tech by clearing up the core principles & philosophy.

The talk starts with the importance for data visualization for various use cases by illustrating multiple case studies following which various library available for visualization namely React-Virtualized, React-Vis and Victory Charts will be discussed in comparative fashion.

A live poll will be shared with the audience will be shared at the time of initiation of talk, data from which will be showcased in the 10 mins live code illustration in the end.

By the end, enthusiastic audience member shall be inspired to get started with Visualization and shall be able to make right choice of library as per their use-case thus may feel charts plotting to be as easy as cakewalk.

Speaker bio

I’m an upbeat, self-motivated Web Developer and a ReactJS evangelist with excellent communication skills. I’m a JavaScript enthusiast with keen belief in the fact that “Data will talk to you, if you’re willing to listen to it” and probably we humans are just the Data with souls. I lead Women in Tech Chapter for IEEE MSIT, and work with Facebook Developer Circle Delhi-NCR, to bridge the problem of under-representation of women in Tech.
I have worked with multiple cross-continental organization and have delivered several products which won’t only revolve around the data-tech but also the future techs like AR & VR. UI/UX always inspired me ever since I started working as Front-End Techie 4 years back, and as I dived deeper into it, I realized Data-Fetching and structuring is at core of Front-End Development. The more API data I dealt with, the more complex it started to become for a normal being to percept that, and that’s what landed me, in my first project to actually visualize the medical data. Ever since than I have worked with multiple visualization & charting libraries and have developed multiple products for several organizations trying to leverage the power of data. These Experiences won’t only define the story of my life but also earned me an opportunity to attend React Conf 2018, Las Vegas, USA as a diversity Scholar.


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JSFoo is a forum for discussing UI engineering; fullstack development; web applications engineering, performance, security and design; accessibility; and latest developments in #JavaScript. Follow JSFoo on Twitter more