JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Niranjan Janardhana


Building a React based design system

Submitted Feb 1, 2019

Any large project will benefit immensely from a design system based approach to managing branding and UI components repository. UI frameworks come and go, and correspondingly we need to keep migrating the design system to current framework used by the developers in the project.


Design system - What it is?
Traditional design system using plain JS, TS, CSS
Component based design system
React based design system
Pros and cons


Understanding of CSS

Speaker bio

Niranjan Janardhana, ex-Yahoo!, is an IT professional working on front end technologies. He is a frequent speaker in national and international conferences. In his spare time, he likes to trek, travel and contribute to open source projects.




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