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You are doing testing wrong

Submitted by Yaser Adel Mehraban (@yashints) on Sunday, 30 September 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Awaiting details


Writing react tests has been complicated and challenging because of the generalised dogma of testing implementation details over workability and user interactions and interfaces.

This gets even harder when Redux comes into play and suddenly you will see yourself dealing with all sort of situations where you don’t know what to test and what to leave since you might think you’re testing somebody else’s code.

But fear not, in this talk I will show you some simple techniques you can use to successfully write practical tests and improve your code coverage by a great deal.

If you’re ready, bring your coffee and sit relax, we’re gonna have a hell lot of fun!


  • Intro to testing in React
  • Intro to some tools and libs used for testing
  • Covering basic scenario tests
  • Covering some advanced test scenarios
  • Adding Redux to the mix
  • Conclude on what to test and what to leave

Speaker bio

This man whose name only looks hard to say, is a creative web developer, consultant, blogger, hiker and father. He is a puppet master of code, bending the backend code to his will in elegant and ingenious fashion.

He is a die hard fan but don’t hold this against him because, well, he is still a team player and , umm, poutine.



  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew a year ago

    Again, we need draft slides by 27 January in order to evaluate this proposal fully. Upload the link here.

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