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Use IoT sensors + TensorFlow + RxJS + your hands to control the Angular app

Submitted by Bartosz Pietrucha (@pietrucha) on Thursday, 19 April 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Awaiting details


In this talk I will show you how to utilize machine learning algorithms and RxJS stream processing to recognize gestures made by hand movements. You hold your smartphone in your hands and make a meaningful gesture. Smartphone generates accelerometer signal that is fetched by web application. RxJS process this stream of data points and executes machine learning algorithm on TensorFlow.js to recognize your intention! This is later used to control an application or even a game! You will learn how to apply all the pieces together and build immersive user experience. Come and join me in this journey full of fun and science!


Introduction to machine learning
Getting the acceleromenter data
RxJS realtime stream processing
Recognizing hand movement gesture
Applying intention to the application

Speaker bio

Bartosz Pietrucha is a full-stack software engineer, software consultant and founder of angular-academy.com. For the last couple of years he has been working with clients from Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland and Finland. Having achieved OOP proficiency with Java, he delved into JavaScript programming and found front-end world extremely fascinating. He wants to share his knowledge via trainings and workshops as it gives him great dose of fulfillment. He speaks at international conferences and gives workshops across Europe. He was teaching advanced front-end technologies in Poland, Israel, Great Britain, Finland and Romania.


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Crew 2 years ago

    Barsotz, we need slides and preview video to evaluate this talk. Please submit the same by or before 6th May.

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