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Travelling the World as a Web Developer

Submitted by Nikhil John (@nikjohn) on Sunday, 30 September 2018

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If you had to choose one, which one would you pick?

  • a. Live and work in Bangalore (Mumbai, Hyderabad, NCR etc.) and deal with the traffic, pollution and non-existent work-life balance
  • b. Live in a smaller town, spend much more time with friends and family but get paid much much less (if you can find a job at all, that is)
  • c. Work abroad and be away for long stretches of time from your hometown, and loved ones (this is even harder than Option b)

What if I told you there was a magic option d where you could

  • Earn much more than your City job
  • Spend as much time with friends and family as you want
  • Not have to live in the City if you don’t like it
  • Travel the world, whenever you want

Prima face, it looks too good to be true. Looks like kind of a scam even. But I have been fortunate enough to do this for the last two years, and I want to share my story.

I have been working as a 100% Remote Web Engineer since Jan 2017, and in that time period have visited over 13 countries while earning. I am a Digital Nomad. I have no office, and my laptop and a stable Internet connection is all I need to set up shop at any corner of the world.

In this talk, I will speak to you about:

  • What it’s like to live as a Remote Engineer - the joys and the pains
  • Why you would want to be a Remote Engineer
  • Why you wouldn’t want to be a Remote Engineer
  • How to become a Remote Engineer

At JSFoo 2017, I gave a Flash Talk about life as a Digital Nomad because I had recently started experimenting with the lifestyle. But the response I received was overwhelming - I received over 70 enquiries about Remote work. This is what inspired me to submit this talk at JSFoo 2018 - this time with more material, preparation and life experience.

Key Takeaways

  • A peek into the life of a Remote Engineer
  • An understanding about how to prepare yourself to be a Remote Engineer
  • Avenues for Remote Development
  • Anecdotes from life on the road
  • Pitfalls along the way, cautionary tales

Intended Audience

Engineers/Managers who

  • Are looking for a change from traditional work environments
  • Are looking for substantial improvements in pay
  • Want to improve their work life balance
  • Are passionate about travelling the world
  • Want to allocate more time to family and friends



There are no prerequisites for this talk - anyone can attend

Speaker bio

Nikhil has been a Web Engineer for over 8 years now, having worked with Deloitte, Juniper, Saltside, Crossover. He is currently working as the Frontend Lead at Fountain, San Francisco. He has been working 100% remotely for the last 2 years. In the course of his career, he has visited and/or worked in 13 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Originally from Kochi, he spends his time shuttling between Bangalore and Kochi when he’s not travelling the world.




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