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Performance Budgets: The what, why and how

Submitted by Marcos Iglesias (@golodhros) on Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Technical level: Beginner Status: Awaiting details


Are too many design and product considerations bringing you down? Learn how to simplify the conversation around feature development with Performance Budgets! In this talk, you’ll hear about why they are useful, how to set them up, track them and use them to keep your site performance under control!


  • Problem statement
  • What is a Performance Budget?
  • Why use Performance Budgets?
    • Users
    • Web Engineers
    • Designers
    • Product Managers
    • Engineering Managers
  • How to use Performance Budgets
  • Setting Performance Budgets
    • Strategies
    • Metrics
    • Choosing values
  • Examples of Performance Budgets
  • Tracking Performance Budgets
  • Summary

Speaker bio

Marcos Iglesias is a Senior Software Engineer who builds compelling user interfaces at Eventbrite. Marcos is passionate about improving web performance, setting performance budgets and tracking them because “web performance matters!”

On top of all that, he enjoys writing about software, giving talks and maintaining Britecharts, the open source charting library.


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